Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 17 Focusing On Training Smart

This week I was really trying to focus on keeping my easy runs easy. I planned a field trip run and 2 group runs which really helped. As I climb the marathon training mountain, I know I need to really focus on these efforts and train smart. I have been using my foam roller and stick every night along with soaking my legs in epsom salt and wearing compression socks.

Officially 2 black toenails. ring toe decided to join the party on the right foot. Although I did get a photo request, I will only post a pic if all 5 turn. That's never happened, so *might* be picture worthy.

Ran 42.79 miles, 2 Hot Powerful Flow Yoga classes

-Run 5 miles 36:22 - this is supposed to be an easy day. I went out with that intention. But then 2 cars almost hit me while pulling out of parking lots and it enraged me... so I ended up running out that rage. As much as I try to wear obnoxiously bright clothes (mostly for safety but also for personal humor), I'm shocked by how often I say "OMG I almost got hit today". Every. Freaking. Week. 

Run 8 miles total - Track work
2mile warm up 14:30
6x800 goal range 2:56-3:05 (based on 40:00 10k via McMillan Calculator)
400 recovery jog between each
1.5m easy cool down

I thought this work out may make me lose my lunch... but no... no feelings of nausea. Pretty happy about that. 

-Rest Day!

-Run 6.44 miles 49:27 - You can read the details of my "field trip run" post Running Patiently

-Yoga Hot Powerful Flow 1 hour - with Susie 

-Run 5.3 miles 45:32 - Super slippery on the sidewalks. Also cold, windy and lots of snow blasted in the face.

-Run 10 miles 1:35 - Group run at Cleveland Running Co.

It was pretty snowy this morning, but Chris, John, Allison and I all ventured out for a 10 miler around Shaker Lakes!

Chris and Jeff from Cleveland Running Co
Allison and John giving the thumbs up! They are super excited!
I had to stop and use the natural bathrooms (as usual), so as I was catching up with the group I thought I would take some pics of the beautiful snowy sights!

"Running is the best low-speed sightseeing vehicle ever created" - Peter Abraham

I loved that this house had a lime green door amongst all the brown and white
I spy neon. Must be my runner friends!
Pretty little view!
Shaker Lakes in Shaker Heights
What a beautiful 10 mile run! And great company too!

-Yoga Hot Powerful Flow 1 hr - with Katie

-Run 8miles 1:13:56 - Beal, Jess, Ryan, Mason and I met out at Lock 39 in Independence for an easy 8 miler. The weather was perfect, mid 30's and sunny! This was my the first run at Lock 39. It's been fun meeting up at different places every weekend!

Trail head Lock 39 is at the bottom of this map of the reservation
the Sunday crew: Mason, Ryan, Jess & Beal
If anyone wants to join our Sunday group, feel free! We welcome all and would love to expand our group with some new faces and storytellers! Tweet us or comment on our blogs that you'd like to run with us. We change the location almost every week, and it's usually discussed via twitter!

I hope everyone had a great week of training!!


  1. You are requesting new storytellers? What's wrong with me and Beal's succulent stories?

  2. Wasn't the weather between yesterday morning and today such a huge difference?  This is so crazy lately.
    Great training week!

  3. Thanks for uploading the picture that I never even knew you took. Sneaky! I meant to take a picture of us before we left for the blogs but forgot....2 weeks in a row.

  4. Another great week of training!  Good seeing you again on Sunday.